Are You Living a Real Life?

Where have I been. Where have I been? Well, we returned from that glorious trip to the Bahamas and guess what? Life kept right on moving! One of my LEAST favorite sayings is, "Back to reality!" or "Back to real life!" Hey, if I'm breathing - life is real - no matter where I am or what I am doing. So while I didn't see my return from the Bahamas as "back to reality", as I worked very hard to earn that trip (and trust me - it was REAL - I was there), there was certainly an adjustment period to … [Read more...]

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“You’re always on your phone.”

"You're always on your phone."

Has anyone ever said this to you?I've heard it.Today, I overheard someone direct that same statement towards someone else.I chuckled.The recipient also chuckled as she responded to her accuser. (Which is what I TRY to do when that statement is directed towards me - only, I'm getting tired of hearing it.)See, only a moment before, we had both been reading the Bible on our phones. Yes. There's an app for that.I used to carry a really large bag everywhere I went. It contained my planner, address … [Read more...]

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What’cha Doin’?

What'cha Doin'?

I know, I know, I have just been horrible about calling all of you back in Illinois. Just terrible.No excuse other than the "adapting" one.We spent so many weeks without a real schedule that I am now battling to get on one.So, in the hopes that you will forgive me for not calling (oh, and we have decided against getting a home phone, opting to use just our cells - so that number hasn't changed), I decided to give you a glimpse into our day, now that we've started to get into some sort of … [Read more...]

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Vote For Me!

6:30 AM: Wake up. Chug coffee. Check in with George about the day.7:00 AM: Get dressed. In workout clothes. Which ultimately go unused for their specific purpose.7:15 AM: Check emails. Update financials. Drink more coffee. Check to do list for the day. Pack my bag.7:30 AM: Raise Harper from the dead. Get her clothes ready, as somehow they didn't get laid out the night before. Help her choose an outfit. Help her choose a second outfit. Settle on the third.8:00 AM: Zane is up. He awakes with a … [Read more...]

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Ideal Mornings

Yeah, no, this isn't me.But, the photo feels like me. At least it feels like the me of the last two days. It's the me I wish to see. Without the hunching over, as I still have knot's in my back from sitting at the computer with horrible posture, and stressing over my schedule for the Fall. Read on.I've had two ideal mornings. The ideal I have in mind for myself. The ideal which includes waking up and getting everyone where they need to be and then returning home to sit and write for the PR gig, … [Read more...]

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