Are You Living a Real Life?

Where have I been. Where have I been? Well, we returned from that glorious trip to the Bahamas and guess what? Life kept right on moving! One of my LEAST favorite sayings is, "Back to reality!" or "Back to real life!" Hey, if I'm breathing - life is real - no matter where I am or what I am doing. So while I didn't see my return from the Bahamas as "back to reality", as I worked very hard to earn that trip (and trust me - it was REAL - I was there), there was certainly an adjustment period to … [Read more...]

No, It Is Not What It Looks Like: Through the Eyes of Harper

At PetSmart today . . .Harper: Look Dad! Those two dogs are forming a conga line!George: Why, yes. Yes they are!Remind me never to check Scout into the Pet Hotel at PetSmart.It's a seedy dive which temporarily houses dogs of ill repute. … [Read more...]

Green Discipline

Prior to breaking into a discussion about the plight of polar bears, I found Harper disciplining Scout in the kitchen. I'm not sure what Scout had done to receive a wagged finger in her face, but Harper was dead serious as she exclaimed,"Scout, that's your global warning!"I was pretty surprised that my earth-savvy daughter, had confused the phrase and its context, but I soon found out it was just a slip."No, Mom, I know what global warming is. I was just pretending.""What is global warming, … [Read more...]

Friday Night’s Pre-dinner Entertainment

George's pre-dinner entertainment:Battling rush hour traffic to take Scout to the vet for her check up.Getting to the vet, only to find that Scout had thrown up in her crate.Getting Scout's bedding out of the crate and shaking it off in the parking lot in an attempt to clean it.Cleaning up Scout.Cleaning up after Scout again when she pooped in the waiting room.Battling rush hour traffic to get back home.Stopping by Pita Inn to pick up an order.Realizing that Zane had had a blow out while waiting … [Read more...]